Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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Privacy Statement

Limitations of Liability

skyshuttle and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road or traffic conditions; mechanical failure; or any other conditions beyond our
control. Any expenses arising as a result of delayed departure or arrival times, including missed flights or travel connections, are the sole responsibility of the
passenger. Please note that skyshuttle quotes 60-80 minutes travel time to reach the airport from most pick up locations as we do have multiple stops along the


At the Airport – tickets can be purchased by credit card, debit/interact or cash. Pre-booking from the airport into the city is not required as flights are
continuously canceled/ delayed/ early. Whether you chose to pre-book from the airport or not please be advised that you need to check in with the skyshuttle
kiosk before boarding the shuttle. When you arrive at the airport please make your way to door #7 on the arrivals level and check in with the skyshuttle kiosk.
Let the customer service agent know which location you would like to go to and they will let you know the next available shuttle leaving the airport.

At the hotel – Fares can be purchased directly from the driver at the time of boarding or can be prepaid by booking online or over the phone. Please note that
skyshuttle only stops at our pickup locations if we have a reservation so you will need to book in advance either online or over the phone.

Refund Policy

Skyshuttle tickets are non-refundable and tickets will not be reissued for missed trips.


All information obtained to make your reservation is held in the strictest confidence. We do not make names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail
addresses, or any other personal information available to any companies or individuals except for those that are directly involved in the delivery of the
services that you have requested.

Passenger Safety

The safety of our passengers is our highest priority. In order to maintain a safe and comfortable driving environment, our drivers have the right to deny or de-
board any person who, in the driver’s judgment, is unruly, disruptive or poses a threat to the safety of the vehicle or anyone on board.


Each passenger is permitted two (2) pieces of luggage and one carry-on item.  Charges due apply for extra luggage. In the event the weight of your luggage
is excessive, you may be required to assist the driver with loading it. You are required to bring your own luggage to the bus at the pickup location, and
responsible for your own luggage at the drop off location.

Lost Items

Passengers are responsible for their personal possessions. We try our best to return items left in our vehicles to their owners, but we assume no liability for
lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. Any charges incurred in returning a left-behind item to its owner must be paid for by the owner.

Many bags look alike. Our drivers cannot be responsible for remembering which bags belong to each passenger. Upon reaching your destination, please check
to see that you have retrieved all your belongings, and that each bag, briefcase, computer etc. is, indeed, yours.

Small items that are left in our vehicles most often are cell phones, cameras, small bags, and sunglasses.


Pets are allowed as long as they are in an airport approved carrier.


Tipping is allowed and is much appreciated by our drivers